About the laboratory

We are in collaboration with various prestigious companies, when it comes to acquisition of supplies.

Our lab covers up a large palette: haematology, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, parasitology. In our team we have also a pathologist who performs the the cytotumoral analysis for the detection of cervical cancer. The traceability of the samples is provided by the allocation of an unique identification code for each sample, which is also found in the lab system.

The work schedule of the laboratory:

  • The blood collection is made daily between 800-1000(working days) and then the laboratory staff is processing the samples.
  • The patients scheduled with sending ticket which are settled by CAS are made daily. In the morning the patients are is presenting with the sending ticket and health card or an insured certificate relised by CAS.
  • The release of results takes place between 1200-1500.